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Eastland City Hall
113 E Commerce St
Eastland, TX 76448

8:00AM - 5:00PM

(254) 629-8321


City of Eastland
normally meets the
3rd Monday at 6:00 PM

Eastland Historic
Preservation Board
normally meets the
3rd Wednesday at Noon



Official Documents of the City of Eastland


VIP Celebration Notice.pdf
October 2011 Agenda.pdf
Informal Meeting Notice.pdf
Called Meeting May 17, 2012.pdf
2014-March Agenda.pdf
2014-January-Quorum in Attendance Notice.pdf
2014-January Agenda.pdf
2014-February Agenda.pdf
2014 September Meeting Agenda.pdf
2014 September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2014 September Called Meeting Agenda 3.pdf
2014 September Called Meeting Agenda 2.pdf
2014 Sept Called Meeting No 2.pdf
2014 Revised April Agenda.pdf
2014 Open Government Training.pdf
2014 May Agenda.pdf
2014 March Agenda.pdf
2014 June Called Meeting.pdf
2014 June Agenda.pdf
2014 July Agenda.pdf
2014 February Special Meeting Agenda.pdf
2014 August Called Meeting.pdf
2014 August Agenda.pdf
2014 April Agenda.pdf
2013 September Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 September Called Meeting Agenda (2).pdf
2013 October Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 October Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 November Agenda.pdf
2013 May Agenda.pdf
2013 June Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 June Called Meeting Agenda 2.pdf
2013 June Agenda.pdf
2013 July Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 July Called Meeting Agenda (3).pdf
2013 July Called Meeting Agenda (2).pdf
2013 July Agenda.pdf
2013 January Joint Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 February Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 December Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 Budget Workshop.pdf
2013 Budget Workshop (2).pdf
2013 August Meeting Agenda.pdf
2013 August Agenda.pdf
2013 April Agenda.pdf
2013 - March Agenda.pdf
2012-June Agenda.pdf
2012-July Notice.pdf
2012-July Agenda.pdf
2012-August Agenda.pdf
2012 September Regular Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 September Public Hearing.pdf
2012 October Called Meeting.pdf
2012 October Agenda.pdf
2012 November Agenda.pdf
2012 March Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 March Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 January ECWSD Meeting Attendance.pdf
2012 January Called Meeting.pdf
2012 February Agenda.pdf
2012 February Agenda Addendum.pdf
2012 December Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 December Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 Budget Workshop.pdf
2012 Budget Workshop Continuation.pdf
2012 August Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 - June Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2012 - January Agenda.pdf
2012 - April Agenda.pdf
2011-jJanuary Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011-September Called Meeting.pdf
2011-September Agenda.pdf
2011-November Agenda.pdf
2011-January Agenda.pdf
2011-August Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 September Meeting Public Hearings.pdf
2011 September Meeting (Tax Public Hearing).pdf
2011 September Meeting (Adopting Tax Rate).pdf
2011 October Agenda.pdf
2011 November Joint Meeting.pdf
2011 May Special Agenda.pdf
2011 May Informal Gathering.pdf
2011 May Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 May Agenda.pdf
2011 March Special Meeting.pdf
2011 March Special Meeting Corrected Agenda.pdf
2011 March Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 March Agenda.pdf
2011 June Informal Gathering.pdf
2011 June Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 June Agenda.pdf
2011 July Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 July Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 February Agenda.pdf
2011 December Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 August Called Meeting.pdf
2011 April Meeting Agenda.pdf
2011 - December Agenda.pdf
2010-September Agenda.pdf
2010-October Agenda.pdf
2010-March Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010-March Agenda.pdf
2010-June Agenda.pdf
2010-July Second Called Meeting.pdf
2010-July Joint Meeting.pdf
2010-July Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010-December Agenda.pdf
2010-August Joint Meeting Notice.pdf
2010-August Agenda.pdf
2010-April Agenda.pdf
2010 September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010 September Called Meeting 1.pdf
2010 September Budget Public Hearing.pdf
2010 September 3rd Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010 November Meeting.pdf
2010 November Called Meeting.pdf
2010 November Called Meeting (2).pdf
2010 July Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010 January Agenda.pdf
2010 February Agenda.pdf
2010 February Agenda (Called Meeting).pdf
2010 August Called Meeting No. 3.pdf
2010 August Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2010 April Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2009-September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2009-September Agenda.pdf
2009-October Agenda.pdf
2009-November Agenda.pdf
2009-May Called Agenda.pdf
2009-May Agenda.pdf
2009-June Called Agenda.pdf
2009-June Agenda.pdf
2009-January -Agenda.pdf
2009-August Called Meeting.pdf
2009-August Called Meeting II.pdf
2009-August Agenda.pdf
2009-April Called Meeting.pdf
2009 - September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2009 - January Revised Agenda.pdf
2009 - April Agenda.pdf
2008-September Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2008-September Agenda Addendum.pdf
2008-October Agenda.pdf
2008-May-Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2008-May 22 Called Meeting.pdf
2008-March-Board of Adjustments.pdf
2008-June Public Hearing Agenda.pdf
2008-January-Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2008-April-Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2008 Notice of Public Open House.pdf
2008 -Budget Workshop.pdf
2008 -Budget Workshop (2).pdf
2008 -August Called Meeting Agenda.pdf
2008 - January-Called Meeting (30th).pdf
2007-September Called Agenda.pdf
2007-September Called Agenda II.pdf
2007-October-Called Agenda.pdf
2007-October 23 Called Agenda.pdf
2007-May-Called Agenda.pdf
2007-March-Agenda 26th.pdf
2007-June-Emergency Agenda.pdf
2007-July-Regular Agenda.pdf
2007-February-Reg Agenda.pdf
2007-February-Called Agenda.pdf
2007-Budget Workshop agenda.pdf
2007-August-Regular Agenda.pdf
2007-August-Called Agenda.pdf
2007-April-Reg Agenda.pdf
2007-April-Called Agenda.pdf
2007 Public Hearing Agenda.pdf
2007 Budget Workshop (Second) Agenda.pdf

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