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Eastland City Hall
113 E Commerce St
Eastland, TX 76448

8:00AM - 5:00PM

(254) 629-8321


City of Eastland
normally meets the
3rd Monday at 6:00 PM

Eastland Historic
Preservation Board
normally meets the
3rd Wednesday at Noon





Garage Sales List

Friday 25th to Thursday the 24th


Weekend Garage Sale Listing will be available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.



City of Eastland Garage, Estate and Yard Sales

The City of Eastland is providing this free service of listing garage, estate and yard sales in order to better assist our citizens with remaining compliant with City Sign Ordinances. In addition to this free web listing, the City has installed two City Garage Sale bulletin boards located at: WEST –1611 W Commerce, just west of the 6 Flags Memorial Park on the north side of the street   EAST- 925-929 E Main, Between Bryan’s and Russell’s Car Wash & Auto Sales

Citizens may post their sales at the these two locations free of charge. Posts may be made beginning ONLY at 12 noon on Thursdays. ALL postings will be removed on Mondays.

West Location

View Larger Map
East Location

View Larger Map


1. Where can I find the Garage Sales for this weekend in Eastland?


2. How do I post my Garage Sale and what items can I list?

Click here to register your sale
You may list the sale address, sale time and a brief description. Descriptions are limited to 254 characters.


1. Users must register and validate their email address before they can login. A validation email will be sent to the user once the     account registration has been submitted.
2. Posts can be made ONLY on Thursday and Friday.
3. Postings are visible Thursday through Sunday and expire Sunday night at midnight.
4. Users cannot register again with the same email address unless the admin has deleted the account.
5. Users cannot edit their posts once submitted.
6. If you forget your password, please click here to contact the administrator and request account deletion. Once the account has     been deleted, you may register again using the same email address.
7. Mobile access for Iphone, Android, http://www.eastlandtexas.com/gy


3. Can anyone post a sale here?
Yes, As long as the sale is within Eastland County. Those attempting to post Sales outside of the County of Eastland will have their posts removed and their IP addresses blocked.

4. How long do the ads remain online?


5. Where can I place or post Garage Sale Signs?

The City of Eastland has installed two garage sale bulletin boards for public use for sales within Eastland County only (see maps above for sign locations). Signs for Eastland Sales are also allowed within the yard of the property hosting the sale and on other private properties with the owners permission. The City of Eastland has an Off-Premise Sign ordinance that disallows the posting or placing of signs on utility poles, trees, rocks, boxes or other such objects within city easements, adjacent to our streets and at street intersections, etc.

6. Why is the City of Eastland offering these posting options?

The City does not want to discourage Garage Sales, and wants to prevent ordinance violations by giving the public a convenient place to advertise and to legally place Garage Sale signage. It is our hope, that with a little time, the online listings and the two bulletin boards will become “the” places for advertising and a reference point for those who enjoy attending Garage Sales within the City of Eastland.

7. If I want to post a sign on the Bulletin Boards do I have to post online or vice versa?

No, you may post only online, or only on the Bulletin Boards or on both.

8. Do I need a Garage Sale Permit to hold a Sale within the City of Eastland?

At this time no permit is required.

9. What other City Ordinances are there in regard to Garage Sales?

The City Garage Sale Ordinance can be viewed online here.

10. Where else can I find Garage Sales listings or can I advertise my sale?

Eastland Telegram

KATX Radio

Microplex News

Before setting your sale, please familiarize yourself with these simple rules:

Garage, Estate and Yard Sale Regulations

  1. All garage, estate and yard sales shall be registered with the City of Eastland to be listed on this site.
  2. Each residence may have only 4 garage sales per calendar year or one sale per quarter.
  3. Garage, estate or yard sales shall not exceed 3 consecutive days of operation.
  4. Sign placement regulations:
    • Garage, estate and yard sale signs shall not be placed upon any utility pole, street sign, box, tree or rock.
    • Signs shall be no closer than 40 feet to any intersection.
    • Signs shall be placed behind sidewalks or no closer to the curb than 15 feet or 20 feet to the edge of a street with no curb.
    • Signs shall not be placed on any state or city right of way. Signs may be placed on private property only and WITH the property owner’s permission.
    • Signs shall be placed only beginning at 12 noon on Thursday and must be removed no later than 8 a.m. the following Monday.
  5. Garage, estate and yard sale hours of operation shall be no earlier than 7 a.m. and no later than 7 p.m.
  6. No commercial business sales listing accepted.
  7. Only sales within the City of Eastland are accepted for listing on this site.


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